#PrayLiveWin: 52 Practical Prayers for Women

This book is a “real-time” prayer resource guide for women. The compilation of prayer themes emerged from many prayer requests sent to Girlfriends Pray™ Ministries via email and social media. We heard you and now this book serves as a “must-read” for Girlfriends Pray™ groups around the world and any woman who needs prayer and practical advice for life.

In this practical prayer guide, you will find 52 prayers for life’s most pressing issues. When you are in a dilemma or just need to hear from God on a specific matter, pick it up and you will find comfort on these pages. You can also use it as your weekly devotional or join a local group in your area (visit www.GirlfriendsPray.org for more information). The most important thing is that you PRAY WITHOUT CEASING (I Thessalonians 5:17).

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